The tiny living room in our A-frame is just that – tiny. So tiny, that it borders on the comical and believe me, hyperbole is not being employed here! That being said, I’ve tried to make it as cozy as possible given its diminutive dimensions and imbued it with an undercurrent of worldly personality as is always the case in my interiors, and this spatially limited room has actually become rather livable and inviting (or so I’ve been told!). But I’ve always felt like something was missing from the space. The one wall in the room is steeply angled and has been adorned with a mirror and artwork in its previous iterations, but I knew that what was ultimately needed to make the room feel entirely pulled together and polished would be something large-scale, ornamental, textural and subtly elegant without being overwhelming. So when I was approached by St. Frank to partner in revamping this spot in our home, I was seriously beyond thrilled! It was such a wonderful and timely opportunity to collaborate with a company that I had long esteemed for both their incredible collection of global home wares and their laudable mission of supporting artisans around the world in their very signature approach of socially-conscious commerce.

I chose a gloriously substantial ivory juju hat from the Cameroon, which are traditionally crafted and worn by the Bamileke tribe during their ritual ceremonies. And I couldn’t be more ecstatic with how perfect it feels in the room!

juju living room 6

juju living room 7

juju living room 4

juju living room 1

juju living room 3

juju living room 5

St. Frank is a lifestyle company which was created to satisfy a niche in the market for global goods which are ethically sourced and which elevate traditional, artisanal wares into luxe collectibles – simultaneously providing sustainable work partnerships with craftspeople around the world while celebrating the true uniqueness, cultural relevance and authentic artistry of these exotic items. The brand’s namesake pays homage to San Francisco, the city where it was founded and where their flagship store is located, as well as to St. Francis of Assisi, who was the son of an established textile merchant and who dedicated his life to the poor and underprivileged. In this same spirit, the company has dedicated itself to preserving age-old craftsmanship through a fair-trade approach of working with artisans and cooperatives worldwide. With an absolutely incredible collection of gorgeous pieces ranging from their signature framed textiles to soft furnishings and decorative items, there is something from every corner of the globe and for every spot in the home!

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Window vignette

Check out St. Frank online, at their shop in San Francisco, CA, or at their upcoming new location in East Hampton, NY for more haute-boheme beauty!

  • I have partnered with St. Frank and received product in exchange for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% my own.

*Text and images of juju hat in living room by Astrid Insieme. All other photos provided by St. Frank.





When it comes to defining my personal style – or at least the aesthetic that most resonates with me – it always incorporates elements of the exotic. Worldly environments that are global and artful in their appeal are especially meaningful and inspiring to me because they feel most authentic, for the simple reason that there is an uncontrived, cultural richness and boldness imparted by those special pieces which speak of other lands and their traditions.

So in collaboration with Gardenia, the amazing woman behind the California-based brand, Lola y Tula, we have decided to embrace and celebrate what we both collectively identify with and love in the vast realm of design. #BOHOFOLKDECOR encompasses two essential notions – a penchant for bohemian style and an appreciation for that which is considered “folk”. It is that always original vibe which is an organic and unpretentious fusion of the free-spirited and unconventional with the artisanal.

Here I’ve styled some incredibly unique pieces from Gardenia’s beautifully curated collection of Mexican soft furnishings, including her otomi pillows and Tlaxcala geometric blanket, in the spirit of #BOHOFOLKDECOR … won’t you join us and show us your interpretations too?


Stunning otomi pillows with their whimsical depictions of animalia and delightfully colored thread work.




Playful and saturated hues make these soft goods an absolute chromatic sensation!


This Tlaxcala geometric throw is a stunner with its bold and graphic pattern … perfect for draping on a bed or sofa, curling up with on a chilly evening outdoors, and versatile enough to be used as a beach or picnic blanket.




Don’t forget to check out Lola y Tula to view her full gallery of artisanal offerings which honor the heritage of Mexican artistry and craftsmanship! And don’t forget to showcase your #BOHOFOLKDECOR on Instagram … we’d love to see!

*Images and text by Astrid Insieme