So, it’s that time of year…and how quickly it descended upon us! I’m very excited to be participating, alongside so many talented creatives, in the Winter Eclectic Home Tour hosted by the amazing Jess of Domicile 37 (thanks for organizing this blog hop and the invite, Jess!). If you’ve made your way over from Monica Wants It, welcome!

For those who are new here, I thought it would be apropos to preface by disclosing a few things about our lifestyle before jumping into the visuals. We are a family of three who live in the woods of New Hampshire, in a tiny A-frame cottage which is currently in the throes of a renovation; we’ve recently added on an addition which is still a work in progress, but for the moment, our actual living area is simply comprised of the A-frame which totals just under 800 square feet. With steeply angled walls. So as you can imagine, it is a very small home with some very particular and unusual spatial limitations! However, this conveniently aligns with my penchant for a “less is more” approach to decorating for the holidays, despite my otherwise maximalist leanings when it comes to interiors. As far as “decking our halls”, I prefer incorporating a few subtle and intentional flourishes which remind us of the celebratory season, and rely mostly on cultivating a cozy, layered, and wintry mood throughout. The vibe (hopefully!) translates to an unfussy melange of eclectic/bohemian/Scandinavian/rustic styles with a touch of Christmas cheer.

OK, that’s enough of my virtual babbling…come on in!


So here is the entry to our little A-frame which I always spruce up with greenery this time of year, opting to keep things rather elemental and natural. Except, of course, for the star perched atop the peak of our roof…haha!


This is the view from our front door as you enter a narrow foyer which leads into our open-plan downstairs.Β  The foyer essentially serves as a mudroom where we stash our shoes, hats, umbrellas, etc. and although the space is primarily utilitarian in purpose, there’s always room for some seasonal dressing in the form of garlands and wreaths, right?



A square, boxwood wreath and some pine boughs gathered from trees on our property provide just enough deliberate doses of green while not overwhelming the tight space.


This is a bit of an odd photo, but it shows the layout of the open-plan downstairs, and the placement of the kitchen (in the background) in relation to the living area. The stairs lead upstairs to two tiny bedrooms and an even tinier loft.


I like surprising and unconventional mixes in my decor, as I tend to find beauty in the unexpected. Global, traditional and rustic aesthetics juxtapose effortlessly, I feel, and still manage to feel discreetly festive. I truly believe that if you do anything with conviction and wild abandon, it will always work!


We can’t hang our stockings by the chimney with care…so they hang by our sliding glass doors, dangling (carefully?) from a curtain rod. And please behold our baby tree beneath…haha! Yep, that’s about as much tree as we can fit in our living room at the moment!


Some more living room details, keeping it minimal but still evocative of the holiday spirit:



And a close-up of our baby tree. All 15 inches of her! I love her though…she seriously cracks me up.


Shall we head outside to our back deck? Here is where we can appreciate the woods on the edge of our property, so this space is all about experiencing the rusticity of cabin life. Bundled up, we can still enjoy a quick morning coffee or glass(es) of wine in the late afternoon here. But not for too much longer, as the temperatures are dropping quickly!




So, the reality is that I had finished taking all the photos that I intended to include in this holiday home tour last week. But then Mother Nature intervened a few days ago, rather opportunely, and this happened…and so I thought it would be a perfect, final shot for this wintry blog hop!


And that’s how we do the holidays around here! Thanks so much for stopping by, and don’t forget to pay a visit next to Mila of Jest Cafe to see how she works her seasonal magic, as well as all of the other talented creatives (listed below) who participated in this week’s Winter Eclectic Home Tour. Happy Holidays, everyone!


(Please Note: Links to Home Tours are not live until day of tour!)


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  1. So funny, but before I found you through our collaboration of this blog hop, I had just come across your feed on instagram and was “pinning ” all of your feed like a crazy person because I am obsessed with your home. You have a new fan. I am so in love with your aesthetic…I am just truly in awe. And here I am about to go and pin everything on this page. Incredible work, my friend.

    Much Love,


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  3. I am always amazed by all the different layers and textures you use around your home. You style it in a way that looks bigger than I assume it is. I love your maximalist approach to your space! Your house is like a global, well-travelled museum! Love it!


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  5. No doubt this is one of my favorite tours because your home is gorgeous and your taste perfect. Those pendants on the hallway are so, so, so, so good, and the A-frame night lights are a total YES! No matter the photo quality.


  6. I love your little A frame! It’s so cozy and rustic meets modern! You did such a fabulous job with your simple touches of holiday decor – your house is exactly what I would picture Christmas in New England looks like!


  7. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I love how you infused major design style into the cozy square footage. Your holiday decorations are beautiful, and blend seamlessly with the existing decor. The exterior looks amazing blanketed with snow. Such a winter wonderland! Happy holidays to you and yours! πŸ™‚



  9. Astrid, your home is insanely gorgeous! Your talent is out of this world. There is so much eye candy to look at in every photo. And your house with snow outside? — it was so picturesque! Your pictures are so crystal clear. Can I ask what kind of camera/lens do you use? I would give anything to have my photos come out that good! Happy Holidays to you πŸ™‚


  10. Jen, you are seriously the sweetest! Thank you so, so much! I actually just used my camera phone for these – so very unprofessional, I know! It’s a Google LG Nexus phone…pretty much the same quality as an iPhone!


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