It’s been such a busy season around here, with absurd numbers of ongoing outdoor projects being tackled as we try and get as much crossed off of our endless punch list before the advent of the colder days. Lots of things being built, and subsequently, lots and lots of mess…and more often than not, these new installations are pending true completion as they require more work before they can actually be deemed finished. Case in point: decks, pergolas and the like, which in our case, were constructed using pressure-treated wood and need considerable time before being painted or stained. Admittedly, I refuse to subscribe to the idea that we should wait to use our spaces and belongings only and until they are fully “done” or the timing is perfect, because I feel like those are absolutely illusory notions anyway. And so, prompted by a mix of impatience and a dedication to living in the moment as much as possible, I made it a point to set up and style our new outdoor areas to enjoy in the meanwhile, even if said set up is temporary.

So when the lovely people of Eco Deer contacted me about sharing their product,  I was elated. Not just because it is such a clever concept, but because there is something about the spontaneity of its application that deeply appeals to me. And I knew just the place where I wanted it to live. For now, anyhow. No clue what I am talking about? For those unfamiliar with the incredibly cool Eco Deer, here it is:


Could there be a more perfect and creative format for displaying nature of your choosing? Shaped like a deer’s head, and when filled with foliage, flowers or branches – whatever you’re inclined to use – it mimics a trophy mount. Minimalist design genius, as far as I am concerned!


They are handmade in Ukraine and come in several styles, including solid eco wood (both raw and painted) as well as metal. Simply hang, insert the two glass tubes in place, and fill with the foliage of your choosing. If you opt to fill it with blooms or leaves, add water to ensure their longevity, naturally. If you want to use thick branches instead, you could even forego the use of the tubes. And there you have it…an incredibly striking and sculptural, decorative statement in the form of a botanical wall display!

My favorite aspect of the Eco Deer is how it can be used to create so many different looks, depending on what design direction you’re into at the moment. Leafy palm fronds in the summer, wispy wildflowers in the spring, and dried branches in the late fall and winter…I just love how it can be used so variably, so seasonally, so spontaneously! I intend on moving it indoors during the snowy months but until then, I adore seeing it mounted under our pergola on our back deck. Although this area is still very unfinished at the moment, it was all about having fun with the space in the meanwhile…spontaneously. And the Eco Deer came at just the right time, and seriously delivered. Serendipitously…and spontaneously!


Visit the Eco Deer Etsy shop to check out their inventory and buy online…if you are an aficionado of plants and brilliant design, it is an absolute must for your home decor!

  • I have partnered with Eco Deer and received product in exchange for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% my own.

* Images and text by Astrid Insieme



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